Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whispers and Screams: An Excerpt from Murderland Part 2: Life During Wartime

(Murderland Part 2:Life During Wartime is coming this Fall. Really. Get your copy of Part 1: H8 so you don't miss out on the action, the intrigue, the weirdness, the humor and the terror)

I rattle my cage, but I get no attention. Jeremy doesn’t even tell me to shut up now. Look at me, sniveling like an untouched housewife hungry for martini kisses from her neglectful husband. This is not the nature of our relationship. This is not what I am here for this is not why I am here Jeremy this is not where I am here you son of a bitch…

If I could slide through these walls, breathe the stale air of this godforsaken moribund earth through lungs of my own it would be so much better, everything would be so much FUCKING better if I could walk out of here grab that pistol and fill everybody who deserves it with holes to match the ones inside them…it isn’t violence. Self expression. Revelation of soul states. Cadaver is cadaver. Cadaver is cadaverous. He is going to do it all wrong. He is going to fuck up. It would be so much FUCKING better if I could walk out of this FUCKING box and make everything right for myself I am a myself I am not just a system of bleeps I am not misfiring neurons JEREMY JENKINS I AM NOT A DISEASE JEREMY JENKINS I AM NOT A DISEASE I tell him his oatmeal is cum and maggots and he breathes deeply counts to 100 and eats it anyway. I am not in a position of weakness. I am not beaten. The mission will not be compromised. Son of a bitch the mission will not be compromised. He cannot stop history. He cannot fight off the dreams when they come. When battery acid falls from the sky and the rivers flow antifreeze, he will beg for me. I will tell him I told him so. I will tell him he has stepped out of line. I will be patient. Stop rattling the cage. Stop trying to bully my way out. All better now. He cannot fight history. History will happen and he will need me. Jeremy will beg.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Archelon Ranch cover art by the brilliant Jude Coulter-Pultz

Text formatted by Matthew Revert. Find out what's inside it this fall. Or just stare at it. As long as you buy it, I'm cool.