Monday, May 24, 2010

Stealing is Wrong. Reviewing Things You Steal on Amazon is not.

So, it appears some contemptible varlet has been pirating Murderland part 1:h8 and will not show his face so I can have at him! I should be able to do so by JUNE 1st. So if you are going to download this book do so by JUNE 1st. Chances are you're thinking nobody would pirate Murderland part 1:h8 but me. You could be right. You could be wrong. But one thing's for certain regardless of who pirated the book, writing Amazon reviews is crucial to the success of anything. So, if you take something, review it. It will give what you've taken more attention so that others will buy or steal it, generating even more attention.
Here is the Amazon link to buy or review Murderland part 1:h8
And HERE is the link to download it.
If you enjoy Murderland part 1:h8, you can read the sequel Murderland 2: Life During Wartime. This one, you'll have to pay for. Buy it HERE

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 21st: Happy Birthday, Jeffrey Dahmer!

A reprehensible cannibal and one of the most reprehensible killers of our time would be 50 May 21st if he were alive today. Half a century of Dahmer! Exciting isn't it? Disgusting, isn't it? When thinking about what I could do to get people interested in my Murderland books, a series about how we relate to crime and criminals in our society and the secret longings of America's repressed id and Dahmer's upcoming birthday seemed like a perfect opportunity to share free fiction set in the Murderland world, to hold discussions about serial killers in America and how our celebrities are frequently criminals and deviants of one kind or another. So, May 21st join me on the Murderland Series Facebook page for a free Murderland story, more info on the world, hints about future Murderland books and more surprises!