Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fiction to order

A friend recently came up with a great idea that he shared with me. Stories to order. Provided with a theme, a type of character, a creature and a place by someone, I will put these together and give them a strange story to order or a couple pieces of flash fiction. For five dollars you can get your story told or receive a series of pieces of flash fiction involving these elements within a week.

OR you could get:

For you writers, budding writers and people curious about the process, see it at work and give yours a shot in the arm with five weird pitches. For three dollars you get five Bizarro ready, perhaps horror tinged strange ideas. One novel/novella length premise guaranteed.

Stories to order: five dollars, finished in a week
Five strange ideas: three dollars. given to the customer within three days
I accept Paypal only.

Email me at thecentercannothold@gmail.com if you're interested or have questions.

Both of these are guaranteed completely unique.


TroyChambers said...

That's a really interesting idea...

Garrett Cook said...

And only five dollars!