Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography Reviews Murderland Part 1: H8...pretty harshly

The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography just reviewed my book Murderland Part 1: H8. The review is pretty harsh, but hopefully those who read it will still be interested or might look further for other opinions. My heartfelt thanks go out to Jason Pettus from CCLAP.
Here's the review:


Gabe said...

It always confuses me when critics harsh on a work and then score it above average.

It seems his criticisms were more pet peeves, or problems he has with the genre.

I've put it on my Amazon wishlist. The subject matter doesn't really appeal to me, but reading the reviewer's description of your narrative style brought me back about 7 years. (Wow, 7!)

Gabe said...

It's like when I talk about how I can't get into Final Fantasy games because I like Chrono Trigger so much, clearly I just don't appreciate JRPGs.

Garrett Cook said...

Thanks for bringing up that point. I think a lot of it did fall down to a matter of taste. If you do decide to pick it up, ENE has it five dollars cheaper than Amazon and I get more of the royalties. I think you might dig this because it's dystopian and perverse. It's also not particularly violent, in spite of the title and content.