Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Book Bundle at Horrormall Auction House!

Readers have a chance to get either a signed copy of Murderland 2:Life During Wartime not only here, but at the Horrormall auctionhouse as well. The three book bundle (Life During Wartime, Archelon Ranch and a preorder for a regular edition of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective) is sure to be a great bargain and is well worth the money because you can only get these books signed from me until Monday night. Go HERE to bid on Life During Wartime or HERE to bid on the multibook bundle. You can still get these here by scrolling down to the bibliography box and clicking on the Paypal button near the book you want to buy. Preorders close Monday night so get these books from me now and help out a struggling writer who puts out quality products.

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