Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jordan Krall's Fistful of Feet

This is a great time to be a Bizarro reader. We've got new stuff from Cartlon Mellick, Eraserhead Press' new Bizarro authors series is premiering at Bizarrocon, we've got three new books from me. It's awesome. But Jordan Krall is making October even more awesome with his Bizarro Spaghetti Western Fistful of Feet. You can preorder it here:Fistful of Feet and you will definitely not regret it. I read an excerpt entitled The Pistol Burps in The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction and I'm psyched for this. Neopulp/Western/Bizarro Fans will love this one. Right, Nannerpuss?

Dammit, Nannerpuss! I'm trying to have a serious conversation with the people! I hate it when he gets like this. Just buy the book.

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