Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October special: read Murderland part 1:h8 for a buck!

Robert Dunbar, author of The Shore and Martyrs and Monsters said of Murderland part 1: h8:
"Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps that meat cleaver is our best hope for salvation. Or maybe he belongs in an asylum. MURDERLAND is a brutally shocking book. Demented. Logical. Disturbing. It can be crudely powerful one moment, tenderly skillful the next, so the reader never knows what’s coming. There’s no way to prepare. No way to protect yourself. Garrett Cook’s work has an edge … and it’s at your throat. "
~ Robert Dunbar, author of THE SHORE and MARTYRS & MONSTERS

Gina Ranalli, author of Sky Tongues, House of Fallen Leaves, Swarm of Flying Eyeballs and a lot of other Bizarro treats said:
"the offbeat brilliance of this book will freak your face off!" said of it:

"A savage, very original satire that openly mocks the American demigod-like worship of worthless celebrity with a future where despicable murderers become our new focus of adoration. It's as farcical as Swift's "A Modest Proposal," yet no less poignant."-

And what do I say? I say that to celebrate the coming of October and the release of Murderland 2:Life During Wartime, I'm going to give readers a chance to read Murderland part 1:h8 in PDF format for only a dollar. But, I'm only doing this until midnight October 3rd. So, if you want to find out what the buzz has been about, this is a good, cheap opportunity. Just click the Paypal button and I'll email you one along with heartfelt thanks for your interest in my work and for the first ten people a Halloween haiku from my Funclub chapbook. Enjoy!

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