Saturday, March 13, 2010


Blog! I've done some minor redesign and updating of this blog. Woo! Minor blog updates! YEAH! Are you as excited as I am? It would be easy for you to be, because I'm not all that excited. It was actually fairly banal. But what's not fairly banal is that I've updated things so you can read THREE MORE STORIES! THREE! Woo! One of these I forgot about so did not post on. The other two I had shopped around for years, but finally found homes for. One in the Kek-w Quarterly, a cool experimental fiction blog and the other in 8clouds, Jude Coulter-Pultz' s blog for fun new speculative fiction from writers you might not have heard of. Writers like me. Jude is the cover artist from Archelon Ranch and a person of peculiar and distinctive taste. You'll like the stories there. Scroll down the "about me and my work" tab to the right and you'll find them. Also added is a link to buy the 3rd issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction#3 off Amazon, featuring stories by Monica O' Rourke, Bruce Taylor, Cody Goodfellow and myself. I'm proud to have the feature novella Remancipator in this issue. If you always suspected that if Abe Lincoln were brought back to life, he would no doubt start an orgy of zombie carnage, this is the story for you. Time travel, conspiracies, space lizards, a flamberge fight with Marilyn Monroe...this story has lots of cool stuff for you to enjoy. And speaking of cool stuff, Magazine of Bizarro Fiction editor Jeff Burk has just released his second book Super Giant Monster time! As Junior Whoopass Ensign of the Spectacular Seven and author of Shatnerquake, Burk's work always promises a good time for readers. Especially since it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book! Woo! That's worth getting excited about! Get it here:

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