Friday, March 19, 2010

Get the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction#3 autographed from me!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the issue 3 of the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction is not one to miss! With stories by Cody Goodfellow, Bruce Taylor and lots of other great stuff, it would already be worth your hard earned 6.95 without my novella Re-Mancipator. Re-Mancipator is one of the weirdest, most satirical and most unusual things I've ever done and I'm proud to put my John Hancock on The Magazine that contains it. So, if you want a copy of this, it will be sent out as soon as I receive my contributor copies and it will be autographed by me. Only 6.95 plus three shipping to read the great fiction, read the great comics and see a story like I've never written before, the magazine's featured novella, 10,000 words of zombie Lincoln lizard conspiracy fun like you ain't ever seen before. Get it here:

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