Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Very Rotten Little Animals!

It's Rotten Little Animals Day, so...BUY IT SCUMBAGS! Kevin Shamel' s superfun antisocial animal adventure is fun for all ages...except for children and old people. Mostly just fun for those between 18 and 59, but that's fun for a 41 year range. Ten dollars isn't bad for 41 years of fun. That's about a quarter a year for fun. Anyway, it's a funass experience so if you're not some kind of sissy little funbitch who can't take too much fun because you suck or because you're 17 or younger or 60 or older like a sucker you're missing out on a lot, you fartassed rapebait semenpants bastards. If you don't like being smacked with a brick by me, buy this book here:

Also, if you like rotten little stuffed animals, Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective preorders are still available here:

Preorders come with free PDFs of some of my other books and chapters of a special Jimmy Plush serial starring the real and reprehensible Jimmy Plush, one of the main antagonists of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective.

While I'm being pushy and a dick, join this Facebook group:

Stand up for Bizarro by buying it and sending out your good vibes.

1 comment:

Kevin Shamel said...

Thanks for the love, Garrett! It was a great day, and partly thanks to YOUR support.

You rock.