Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the most hellish retail day of the year. The mall will be crawling with human refuse willing to fight to the death for the latest hot everythings, but there's a solution that will allow to be a redblooded American capitalist pig without sacrificing life and limb. Online shopping. Stay home and shop online. It's easy. Now, the question remains "What do I buy?" Well, if you scroll down on the right side, you will see my bibliography and then a list of people and things that are awesome. Give your friends and family something unique this year, something perverse...something Bizarro. With books ranging from Jeff Burk's Shatnerquake to Eric Mays' Kafkaesque/Stoppardian Hamlet Naked Metamorphosis to Jordan Krall's Fistful of Feet to my own Murderland series, Bizarro has anything for the intellectually adventurous and hard to shop for people in your life. I'm also running a special on Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective preorders. You can preorder the latest adventures of Jimmy Plush and get some free egifts to periodically tide you or your loved one over until the book hits the shelves for only $8 tomorrow. This includes domestic shipping. I will not give free foreign shipping, but foreigners can get on the preorder list for just $18 and will get lots of egifts along the way. Also, if you want your loved-one to have a chance to win a cuddly but deadly one-of-a-kind Jimmy Plush teddy bear, you can preorder the Limited Edition which will come signed and numbered with a special origin chapbook. The bear WILL ship in time for Christmas. Only 2 of these Limited Editions remain, so act fast! Find out about and preorder Jimmy Plush here: and get ready for a season of thrills, laughs, mystery and weirdness courtesy of me and some others, like Naked Metamorphosis author Eric Mays!

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