Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get on the Plush list!

Ywo more limited edition Jimmy Plush preorders left! If you want the Jimmy Plush bear and the origin chapbook, you're going to have to get one of these two. Not only that, but the Plush list is going to be a fun place to be until the launch of the book. Free stories, extraneous forewords that you get to vote on, all sorts of cool shit. If you don't want the bear and the origin story but want to get on the list and want this book a week before official launch, get a regular preorder for ten bucks. You'll be on the list and therefore will reap most of its benefits. But: handmade teddy bear. One of a kind. Ships by Christmas and you can be the one to win it if you get one of the last two Limited Editions. Get 'em here: http://jimmyplush.blogspot.com

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