Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bastard at the Mall

I've decided to open up one of those idea booths you see all the time at the mall, as I am ill-suited toward more mundane pursuits. I got the idea yesterday when I was walking around the mall and saw an idea booth. The idea man was a giant, like most ideamen and wore the traditional mortarboard of the trade with pride.
"Hello," he boomed at me, "are you looking for an idea?"
"I don't think so," I said, "I got plenty."
"Just a dollar and it comes with free taffy!"
So I hand him my dollar.
"You, my friend, could be an idea man," he said, "mining the frontiers of consciousness for genius!"
"But I'm not a giant!" I protested.
He shrugged his enormous shoulders and laughed.
"No refunds!"
I walked out of the mall, knowing I'd been conned and went to the Goodwill to find myself some stilts.


Peter said...

How giant are we talking? I'm paying a hojillion dollars and going into all kinds of debt to become a licensed idea man. Am I big enough to be a paid mall idea man? If so, goodbye grad school!

Garrett Cook said...

If you wear a tophat and clumpy boots you might make the cutoff.